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Having therefore Boldness

September 3, 2015

Sinful man is a rebel and traitor against his righteous King. The King, in His boundless compassion, sent His Son among rebel man to bring about reconciliation between the rebels and their Ruler. Jesus has accomplished reconciliation between rebel and King by taking the punishment man’s rebellion deserves, substituting Himself in place of the renegades and satisfying the demands of justice. Jesus brought reconciliation between rebel and King, and He has done far more than that. Because of Jesus, the reconciled man has open and constant access to the throne of God. The work of Jesus to reconcile does still more than open wide the doors into the King’s courtroom.

When the reconciled rebel approaches the palace of the King, Jesus meets Him at the entrance and opens the way directly to the throne. As the requestant makes his way to the throne, Jesus escorts him all the way and brings him directly into holiest of all where dwells the presence of God. When the supplicant pleads in accordance with the nature and purpose of Christ, Jesus speaks for the petitioner, voicing the request to the Father as if it was His own. As the Father hears the request, Jesus the Son of the King, sits beside Him and pleads the cause of the inquirer. As he intercedes, Jesus does more than plead for the one making request. He pleads on behalf of His own will, and the will of the Father, knowing precisely how to best answer the request for the benefit of the suitor and the accomplishment of the eternal purposes of God.

When the believer bows before God in prayer, Jesus is the sum and substance of the Christian’s access and answer in prayer. Jesus is the only mediator who reconciles treasonous man with the Father. He is the only way to the Father. He is the believer’s advocate championing his cause. He is believer’s intercessor before the Father, pleading on behalf of the Christian for God to continue to do what is best for His child. Jesus is the believer’s boldness and entrance into the presence of the Father.


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