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October 26, 2015

Every time the Word of God is preached, the truth of God is declared. When believers go out into the world with the gospel, they are declaring to men the truth of God. Christian doctrine is not merely an expression of one groups opinions about religious things. Christians do not just tell others what we believe. The proclamation of the gospel is the announcment of God’s eternal and unchanging truth. We are declaring something more certain than 2+2=4 and more permanent than the speed of light. Gospel truths are not just matters of preference. The Christian does not go into the world attempting to convince someone that one view of religion, God and eternity is better than theirs. The Christians goes into the world announcing certainties that have eternal repurcussions. The gospel is no mere myth. It is no morality tale to make one a better person. It is no emotional prop to make one feel better. The gospel is the power of God that brings forgiveness, gives full salvation and will bring all believers safely into the presence of the Father. This Gospel is Truth!

The Word of God is exactly and entirely what it claims to be, the Word of God. It is not a message of human origin. It is not merely a good book. It is the very words of God, passed to men by the Holy Spirit through the prophets and apostles. It is not one option among the many philosophies of living. The Word of God must never be heaped into the mass of writings. The Bible is never one of a thousand, nor even the chief of thousands. The Bible is the only one of its kind. It alone is revelation directly from the mouth of God. The Bible must not be b blasphemed by professing it to be the best of human words. The Bible must be exalted by receiving it as what it genuinely is, the Words of God.

Mr. Spurgeon said, “In these days there are some who receive the Gospel, but they receive it as the word of men. This is their spirit—“Yes, I know thatsuch is the view that is held by Mr. Black. But there is another view held by Dr. White and another view is upheld by Professor Gray. All these different ‘views’ are supposed to be very much upon a par.” Beloved Friends, this is not our way! There is the Truth of God and there is a lie! And I want you always to feel that there is a solemn difference between the true and the false—and that no lie is of the Truth of God. “Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God.” If one says, “Yes,” and the other says, “No,” it cannot be that they are both true! Salvation is of Grace—or of works—it cannot be of both! Salvation is the work of God or else of man—it cannot be a joint-stock-company affair! There is the Truth of God and there is error—and these are opposite to each other. Do not indulge yourselves in the folly with which so many are duped—that the Truth of God may be error, and error may be the Truth of God—that black is white, and white is black, and that there is a whitey-brown that goes in between, which is, perhaps, the best of the whole lot!”


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