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Hand to Heart Combat

October 29, 2015

“A valorous hand to hand struggle with inherent corruptions is distressingly rare in the widespread religious profession of the day. You read and pray, and worship in the assembly, and complain that, notwithstanding, your souls do not prosper; you have not comfort; you are not sensible of growth in grace. But all this is mere hypocrisy, if you be not “turning”- tearing yourself asunder from besetting sins, as from a right arm or a right eye. The evilspeaking, watch it, catch it on your lips, crush it as it swells and germinates in the seed-bed of your thoughts within. The equivocations, the half-untruths, down with them. Out with the very truth, although it should break off the nearly completed bargain although it should freeze the friendship that seems necessary to your success. Anger, malice, envy, seize these vipers that twist and hiss in your bosom; strangle them outright there. Your religion is nothing better than a cheat, if you are not busy with the work of ceasing to do evil. “Herein do I exercise myself,” said Paul, “that I may have a conscience void of offence.” How can the feeblest learners of the truth attain, by an idle wish, that actual progressive purification which its greatest human teacher only strove after by incessant exercise.”
– William Arnot
Laws from Heaven for Life on Earth


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