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It takes a church to raise a Christian

November 16, 2015

The Christian life is not all about you. Other’s have said it very well, “Christianity is personal but it is not private.” You can only receive spiritual life for yourself, and you can only grow for your self. Much of Christianity takes place within you and the significant work is not visible to others save by the fruits produced. You cannot be a Christian for another. You cannot receive Jesus on behalf of another. You cannot study the Word, pray and bear fruit to another’s account. You will stand before God and give account for your self. Christianity is personal, but it is not private. It is not something that only takes place within you. Christian growth does not take place only through your private devotions and prayers. You cannot hide in your house and grow to maturity in Christ. You cannot enter a monastery and grow to maturity in Christ. Your walk with God is affected by your walk alongside other believers. That is one reason why God has ordained for the churh a weekly gathering every Sunday. No Christian grow to maturity in Christ apart from regular fellowship with other believers.

A Christian who does not care about the spiritual well being of other believers is not a mature Christian. The Christian who does not serve others, does not use his spiritual gifts for the edification of the believers and does not lovingly transmit the truths of God’s Word to other Christians is not a mature believer.  Christianity is not a solo experience. It always happens in a group setting. We need the entire church to grow, and the growth of others has an impact on our own Christian life. The health and encouragement of the Christian is closely related to the spiritual growth of other believers.

This is why Paul was so deeply troubled for the health of the Thessalonians and why he was so greatly encouraged by the testimony of their faith and love. This is why he says to them in 1 Thessalonians 3:8, “Now we live if ye stand fast in the Lord.” Paul had not outgrown the need of the church. Though the New Testament churches were filled with troubles, he did not abandon them. He did not walk away because they were struggling with sin. He remain connected with the churches for their spiritual growth and because his own spiritual health was tied up with the church. The Christian’s spiritual growth is significantly impacted by his participation in the church and by the health of other believers. The Christian life is a mutual dependence one upon another. Not one of us is in this alone. Doesn’t that encourage you? You are not stranded and isolated to work out your Christian life with no human help or support? Not one of us can grow alone. Doesn’t this convict you? You need your fellow church members! They are God’s gifts to you and you need them for your spiritual increase. Don’t neglect them.


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