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Dishonoring God

November 30, 2015

Pornography objectifies women. Women’s groups and Christian organizations have long declared that pornography dehumanizes the women involved. This is partially true. Pornography does not just objectify women. Pornography, and in fact all immorality, objectifies all humanity. Objectification is not limited only to the participants. Objectification is not only one result of immoral behavior, it is a primary cause of immoral behavior. All sexual immorality views others as objects for one’s own personal gratification.

The child of God has no part in immorality because he realizes the intrinsic worth of others. The believer recognizes sexual sin is always devaluing of others.  Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 4:6, “That no man go beyond and defraud his brother in the matter.” Sexual sin is a a much greater defrauding than any embezzlement. The child of God has no business using others for his own personal gain. Immorality treats others, even in consensual relationships, as means to personal gratification. Every variety of fornication trespasses on another’s life and takes advantage to cheat them of their eternal worth. All immorality steals from others their inherent dignity and worth as women and men created in the image of God.

Possibly the most devastating fact on this entire issue is the truth in 1 Thessalonians 4:8. When you treat an image bearer of God as an object for your sexual gratification, you are defaming and debasing the image of God. You are not just devaluing the person, you are denigrating the God who created the person. When you are sexually immoral, you are disregarding and dishonoring another. When you disregard the eternal worth of another, you do not just dishonor the person. You disregard God the God who created them in His own likeness. You cannot despise man without despising God. If you love God, you will love others.

The sexual wickedness that permeates our world is not just horrific because of its effect on mankind, it is horrific because of what it says about God. The way you view others does not just speak to your view of mankind, it speaks to your view of God. Don’t take this lightly. If you are entangled in immoral thoughts and practices, get hold of this truth. Your immorality reflects a low view of God. Your immorality reflects a practical disregard and dishonoring of God.

Every person bears in themselves the image of God. In some way they reflect the Divine. Think of a photograph of a loved family member. Because you love that person, you treat the photo with respect. You don’t use it to line the bottom of bird cage. You don’t use it to catch drips under the car. You frame it, you place it in a visible spot, you keep it with you and you treat it with care. You do so because that piece of colored paper reflects the one you love most. Do you love God? Look around you. Everyone you see bears the image of God. Treat them accordingly.


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