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Love in Action

December 7, 2015

Love is the summary of every command given to Christians. “Love worketh no ill, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.” (Romans 13:10) The limitation of saying all the law is summed up in the word love is that most people have their own definition of love. The kindness of an action becomes measured based upon the arbitrary determination of the individual. As has become evident in our nation, when love is defined by the individual any sin can be justified because the perpetrator believes it to be loving. Christians striving to love others must be careful to let the Bible describe, define and determine what is actually loving. If love fulfills the law, then the law reveals what is true love. The total expression of love is obedience to the commands of God. 1 Corinthians 13 is not the only description of love in the New Testament. Since all commands can be summarized in the word love, every command is a description of love in action.

The importance of the Christian’s love for other believers can not be overstated. The command to love one another is repeated over and over again throughout the New Testament. Every author of a New Testament letter except Jude makes this specific command. Though Jude does not command Christian love, he strongly commends it. During His earthly ministry Jesus declared that the Christian’s love for his fellow believer is the hallmark of Christianity. By our love one for another the unsaved world will know we are disciples of Jesus. The apostle John expounds on Jesus’ words. 1 John 3 is as plain as it gets, a true believer will love his fellow believers. He who professes to be a Christian but does not love other believers is a fraud. None who disregard other Christian’s have a legitimate claim to the name Christian. Love for one another is the testimony and proof of genuine faith.

In 1 Thessalonians Paul praises the Thessalonians for their remarkable love. Their love was known across Macedonia and was a model for other churches to follow. Though they were marvelous examples of Biblical love, Paul follows his recognition of their praiseworhty love with encouragement to them to increasingly increase in love. The Thessalonians attainment in love was not a consolation to encourage them to take it easy, it was a catalyst to stir them to greater obedience. This command is essential. None must be satisfied with their fruitfulness in love. All have room to grow in love. You may be practicing Christian love. You may even be a model of Christian love, but you have not yet reached full perfection of Christlike love. I encourage and plead with you as Paul did, continue to grow in your love. Stretch yourself to reach to new heights of love. Work and sweat to apply your love more and more in all your relationships. Walk in the Spirit and He will produce in you the fruit of Christlike love.


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