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February 1, 2016

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.” Paul’s words are a call to discernment in all avenues of life. Preachers are not the only ones who preach a message or teach a world view. Every television show you watch presents a worldview. Every commercial and piece of advertising you see presents a worldview and tries to convince you to accept that way of thinking about life. News shows present a worldview. Of course talk show hosts, politicians and experts have a world view they actively promote. Your co-workers, neighbors, family members and friends all have a set way of thinking about the world. Most people don’t think about how they think, but a Christians should think seriously about every proposition presented to him.

The command to test everything is simple. Scrutinize and examine everything to determine what is good and valuable. A jeweler examines anything brought to him. He has a set standard of purity and quality that determines the value of the metal, the setting and the stones. He will not be duped by a piece of tin covered with gold paint. He will not mistake silver for platinum. He will not accept a zircon as a diamond. He will examine every piece and determine each one’s true worth. So must the child of God do with all the world offers. When it tells you how to think about your money, examine the proposition in light of the Bible. When you are told how to think about recreation, examine those sentiments in light of the Bible. When you are told you deserve this and that you should go buy that and that you should believe this about yourself, test it all in light of the Bible.

When everything has been tested, embrace those things which are good. After you examine everything, the obvious response is to hold tightly to that which is excellent. Don’t settle for mediocre things Don’t settle for counterfeits. Cling tightly to the excellent. Hold to the good and do not let it go. Reject that which is evil in all it’s forms. Satan is master of wrapping evil in a very shiny package. The world has a wide collection of masterful counterfeits for true Godliness. The stone pyrite is a very impressive looking shiny rock, but every one knows fools gold is just that. A counterfeit is still a counterfeit, no matter how skillfully made and how much it looks like the real thing. A counterfeit is still worthless no matter how beautiful it may be. Throw away the frauds, the scraps and the worthless sparkles. Keep only the precious metals. Reject evil in all its forms. Hold tightly to that which is good.


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