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February 8, 2016

Sanctification is the setting apart of the believer to holiness and the increasing in holiness of the set apart believer. Sanctification has three parts, all related but easily distinguishable from one another. The first part is what takes place at salvation. Positional sanctification is an immediate event in which God takes the new Christian out of the world, out of the kingdom of Satan and out of the dominion of darkness to place him in the kingdom of Jesus. The Christian is sanctified set apart by God for Himself.

The second part of sanctification is that which takes place during the believers life. Progressive sanctification is the gradual growth of the believer into greater and greater Christlikeness. This sanctification is not immediate but develops over the process of time. Just like a child slowly grows into maturity, so the newborn Christian begins a lifelong process of growth into maturity in Jesus. This sanctification takes place in the daily life by the power of God and the obedience of the believer. The Christian has been set apart to God but has not yet arrived at perfection. This present sanctification is that path of moving from what we are to what we are going to be.

The last aspect of sanctification is final, perfecting sanctification. This is the arrival in glory when the child of God is given a new body. The corruption of sin is entirely removed and the saint can rest from all the labors of the present spiritual battle. We will then live in full righteousness forever before God.

Salvation is not about making the convert righteous. Salvation must be a transformation of the entire person. At salvation the Christian are made righteous by God. That righteousness is not a mystical or potential righteousness. It is real and God begins to work that righteousness out in the life. God saves to make His children perfect. Sanctification is God bringing His servant to full perfection. The result of God’s sanctification is an increasing righteousness in this life and perfect righteous in the life to come.

God’s sanctification is entire. God does not just sanctify the heart, He sanctifies the entire being. Every part of the new creature is sanctified. God sanctifies the inner and outer man. God sanctifies thoughts, feelings, longings, attitudes, words and actions. God sanctifies physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. The sanctification of God is complete. He sanctifies all of you.

He sanctifies eternally. His perfecting work will be accomplished and it will remain. God’s work will not be partial. He will not sanctify for the first ten years of the Christian life and leave the believer to finish the task. God continues to do His work in you until the every end. God’s work of sanctification is complete in its perfection, complete in all its part and complete to the end. Though man is born entirely sinful, he is entirely saved by the power of God. The redeemed will be sanctified entirely and eternally by the boundless power of God.


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