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The Same God

March 4, 2016

In the beginning God. Nothing else. God existed in the vast stretch of emptiness none as eternity past. Without creator, progenitor or predecessor, God existed. Without beginning or formation God existed. God did not exist alone. God eternally existed in three person, the Father, the Son and the Spirit. Not three Gods, but not one in the strictest sense of the word. God eternally existed as hree in one.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God spake and all things came in being. God spake and the universe erupted out of nothing. God spake and the earth sprang into being in a place where before there was nothing. God spake and light exploded across the earth. God spake and the formless earth began to take shape. At His command the covering waters ebbed and dry land grew up. He spake again and countless varieties of life began to shoot up out of the ground. Humble mosses spread out, fertile grasses sprang up, massive forests rumbled out of the earth to spread their canopies far and wide. Flowers of every shape, size, hue and savor filled the landscape. He turned His eyes towards heaven and spake again. God stretched out His arm and unfurled the countless trillions of stars across the immeasurable breadth of space. He called out a great light and the sun roared into place. He called out a lesser light and the moon drifted into position. He commanded again and the air above the green canopy of earth teemed with life. Tiny insects buzzed from flower to flower. Songbirds sang in the day old trees. All manner of flying things soared and swooped through the fresh made atmosphere. He spake again and the empty seas swarmed. Again God commanded and new creatures leapt into existence. Apatosaurs lumbered up to the fresh trees for a taste. Lions stretched themselves upon the great plains. Gazelles raced across the level flats. The whole universe was filled with God’s handiwork. The entire world was filled with life. It was good.

One thing was missing. The pinnacle of God’s creatures. God began to collect the choicest varieties of plant life. He formed them into a marvelous garden to be home for His next creation. He stooped down into the dirt of that garden, scooped up a handful and
carefully crafted a creature unlike any other. When God was finished He breathed into His craftsmanship and made the new made man a living soul. He gave man abilities and characteristics like unto His and entrusted man with the care of the new made earth. God stepped back from the Garden of Eden and surveyed the universe. All was as He intended. All was right. It was very good.

The eternal God who created all things in six days is Jesus. The same power that created everything out of nothing is applied to washing away sin and condemnation. The same wisdom that devised the intricate interrelation of all things and that designed the infinite harmony of beauty and wonder first devised the plan of salvation designed the means by which fallen men can be redeemed. The same fullness that made everything in unbroken perfection fills the believer to perfect the purchased salvation. The same God who created all and who still holds all things together is the same God who purchased salvation and who secures it for His children.


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