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The Manifestation of Divine Rule

April 25, 2016

No doctrine of God is more comforting than the doctrine of God’s sovereignty. Sovereignty is the Divine control and direction of all events. This doctrine can be stated in simple God is in complete control of all things at all times. God’s Sovereignty is most often seen, or I should say, most often unnoticed, in God’s providential direction of the normal. Providence is God’s working through the normal mechanisms of natural life to accomplish His purposes. A miracle is God’s supercession of a natural law to accomplish His will. Providence is God’s accomplishing His will through normal events. God is sovereign over the sparrows the fall from a tree. God is sovereign over the believer who blows a tire on the highway. God had direct control and involvement in that incident. If a believer blows a tire and in the process of getting it repaired has an opportunity to preach the gospel to someone who stops to help, that is God’s providence. God used a natural occurrence, a blown tire, to bring the gospel to someone who needed it.

The stories of Isaac, Jacob, Reuben, Judah, Joseph and the other 12 sons of Jacob are remarkable for their display of God’s sovereign providence. The last half of Genesis describes three generations that are full of wandering, sorrow, sadness, sin, trickery and disappointment. All these events show one thing. God is in absolute control of all things. In His perfect control He remains faithful to His promises. God is sovereignly working in all things to accomplish His plan. God was sovereign in Eliezer finding Rebekah to be Isaac’s wife. God was sovereign over Esau’s selling his birthright and Jacob stealing Esau’s blessing. God was sovereign over Jacob’s twenty years with Laban, over the birth of each of his twelve sons. God was sovereign over the hatred and jealousy of Joseph’s brothers, over Joseph’s slavery, over the lies told against him by Potiphar’s wife, over his imprisonment, over the imprisonment of the butler and the baker, over the forgetfulness of the butler, over the dreams of Pharoah, over the appointment of Joseph, over the prosperity and famine, over the arrival of Joseph’s brothers seeking food and over the protection of the family of Israel. God brought them to Egypt just as He had told Abraham. God brought them to Egypt to keep them safe, to make them a great nation, to prepare Canaan for their return and to prepare them to follow Him. All this happened just as God intended. He is Sovereign.

Genesis 50:20 is possibly the greatest practical explanation of God’s sovereign providence. ” ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.” Throughout the three generations of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph God did very little of the miraculous. God did not move His people to Egypt and save their lives by parting a sea or leading them with a pillar of fire. He did so through petty jealousies, famines, fears and one man’s faithfulness. The book of Genesis shows the greatness of God who is Creator and Ruler of all. Sometimes that rule is evident by the miraculous and obviously mighty. Most times that rule is evident by His control and direction in the ordinary day to day events of life. God is still faithful. God is still keeping His promises. Difficult circumstances tend to obscure the Christian’s perception of God’s rule and God’s faithfulness. Cultivate a view of His gracious reign over the normal events of life. Notice how He guides and is working through all circumstances. See how He is keeping His Word. Trust Him in all circumstances. No evil men can stay the will of God. No catastrophe can stop the promise of God. No rebellion, carelessness or hatred of men can hinder the will of God. No suffering on this earth, no sorrow in the individual life, no catastrophic situation can hinder the promises of God. God is sovereign. God will accomplish all His good promises. Trust Him.


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