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What the Gospel is About

July 18, 2016

The gospel is not all about you. This is one place the gospel has been unwittingly compromised. The gospel is often presented as if it was all about the person. This is especially terrible when the gospel is presented as a means to life improvement. Jesus did not die on the cross to make your life better. Jesus did not redeem anyone so they can achieve their dreams. Jesus died on the cross to redeem a people to His everlasting praise. The eternal song of the saints is continual praise to the greatness and glory of God the Father and God the Son. The gospel is good news because the sinner is the great beneficiary of God’s plan of redemption, but God does not redeem from sin so men can go to heaven and have wonderful eternity. God redeems a people to exalt His praise forever. An eternity of perfect praise to God is so wonderful our minds cannot fathom it. A sin broken mind cannot discern the true wonders of eternal praise to God. Jesus died for His glory and the saved receive its rich benefits. The gospel is not all about you or all about the person you are witnessing to.

The gospel is all about God. It is declaration of what Jesus has done. As you think on the gospel remember the God who has orchestrated this entire plan of salvation. As you tell others the gospel point them to God. The problem of man is not a life that is frustrated, the problem is sin against a holy God. The answer is not that men are so special to God, but that God is so gracious and merciful. Salvation is not a means to being all you can be, salvation is God forgiving all that you are. Let the gospel shape your thinking to the glory of God.


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