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The Gospel Turned Around

July 25, 2016

False gospels and preachers of false gospels are troublemakers. They promise something good and profitable. They promise peace and happiness, what they offer is that which leaves the soul in turmoil. They promise salvation and then require a person spend the rest of his life working for it. The Catholic church teaches that it is a sin to say you know you are going to heaven. The Catholic Encyclopedia defines this sin in this way, “It may be defined as the condition of a soul that, because of a badly regulated reliance on God’s mercy and power, hopes for salvation without doing anything to deserve it.” Relying on God’s mercy and power to save is bad? Thinking you can and should do nothing to deserve salvation is bad? Is that not troublesome to heart and soul? Is that not contrary to the plain and simple teachings of the Bible? Every false religion that promises salvation based upon something the person does is a troubler of men. Whether it be through the keeping of the ten commandments, the attendance at regular church gatherings, a certain amount of missionary work, doing more good than bad or being at peace with yourself and your world, all false gospels leave the ultimate fate of salvation in the hand of the individual. These frauds deny the comfort and assurance of salvation that belongs to the genuine child of God because of the completed work of Jesus. A changed gospel is not good news, but soul terrifying bad news.

Anything which adds to or takes away from the gospel message is a perversion of truth. It is not a slight adjustment. It is not an update for modern times. It is not a strategic change. Anything which says “this part of the gospel is not necessary to be a Christian” and anything which says “this part not in the gospel is necessary to be a Christian” is a turning away from God, a turning away from Jesus and a turning the gospel upside down.

The gospel is all about the glory of God. That is why the gospel cannot, must not, be changed. Any change to the gospel takes away from the glory of God. Any change to the gospel says that God got it wrong or that God did not do enough. The Judaizer’s addition of the law to the gospel was something which turned the gospel on its head. Their gospel denied the perfection of the grace of God. It taught that man’s obedience must be added to God’s grace for one to truly be a Christian. Any gospel which adds the least human effort to salvation denies the grace of God. The gospel that is all of grace is directly contrary to a gospel that is mostly of grace. One is saved by grace through faith alone or he is not. God alone is the author and completer of salvation or He is not. God deserves all glory for redemption, or He has to share that glory with another. One version is good news. The other leaves the soul in


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