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Ultimate Reality

September 1, 2016

To navigate conversations in this postmodern world the Christian must never forget that truth comes from outside the person and from outside the world. American culture has long rejected a transcendent standard that defines truth. The pervasive rejection of objective, ultimate truth has inevitably eroded Christianity’s confidence in God’s truth. Christian’s must recapture the conviction that truth is absolute, authoritative and revealed by God.

Today a necessary component of renewing the mind is regaining the full realization that truth and error, right and wrong, moral and immoral are all defined by God and revealed through His Word. Truth and holiness are not defined by the person, the culture, the situation, feelings, potential outcomes, motives, personal identity, philosophy, science, newspapers, the internet, the government, might or mindset. Rightness is real and is anchored in the Reality who is the source of all that exists. Morality is defined by God who is the Author of all.

God is holy. God’s holiness is not a measure of His conformity to the moral law. God’s holiness is His nature. He is holy in His essence. God’s holiness cannot be separated from God as if it were a habit of living which could be put on or put off. God is not holy because everything He does is right, just and moral. God is holy because holiness is His nature. God cannot do that which is unholy because to do so would be to violate a basic essential of who He is. The essential quality of God’s holiness is foundational to absolute nature of right and wrong. Righteousness is the man-ward expression of God’s holiness. That which is right is that which agrees with the eternal character of God.

Think of a yard stick. A yard stick does not define a yard. A yard stick of 34 inches is not, in fact, a yard stick. Only that which conforms to 36 American inches is a yard. Likewise, only that which conforms to the measure of God’s holiness is holy. Some may claim an unholy action is holy and right. Any behavior which does not measure up to the standard of God’s holiness is not, in fact, holy. Any standard of rightness which falls to line up with God’s holiness is not right. Unlike God the yard is an an arbitrary determination of a standard of measurement. The length of a yard was last determined by an international agreement and its long history is punctuated with various decrees specifying it’s exact length. God’s righteousness is not defined by tribunal, council or agreement. God’s righteousness is not measured by anything external to Himself. God is holy and His holiness is the yardstick. He is the very law by which right and wrong are measured.

Sin is unholy because it is contrary to the character of God. Sin has bad consequences and has wrought havoc on the world, but God did not declare sin to be sin because He knew it would have negative consequences. Sin is evil and has negative consequences because it acts contrary to the perfect character of God. God is the ultimate standard by which everything is judged. This is true in science, in philosophy and in morals. This means that what God has declared to be right or is right because God has declared it ot be so. What God has declared to be wrong is wrong because God has declared it to be so. Right and wrong are eternally rooted in the unchanging character of God not the fickle opinions of men.


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