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A Law of Death

September 5, 2016

The Christians is righteous because through Jesus we are dead to the law. All are condemned as guilty under the law. No Jew kept the law perfectly. No man keeps God’s law. God, in His mercy, included in the law provisions for the covering of guilt. The many sacrifices offered by the Israelites were all necessary because the law condemned each and every Jew. Every morning sacrifices were offered. Every evening sacrifices were offered. Sacrifices for sin were made over and over again. Sacrifices for impurity were made over and over again. Every year the sin of the nation was symbolically placed on a goat and that goat was driven out into the wilderness, taking their sin with it. Every year a sacrifice was made for the sin of the entire nation during that year. Every year the blood of the sacrifice was sprinkled on and around the mercy seat. The Israelites were constantly reminded that they were condemned by the law and under penalty of death.

The law did not only condemn. God provided substitutes that would die in place of the Israelites. Did you know God demanded the death of every firstborn in a household? He demanded the sacrifice of the first born sheep, the firstborn cow and the firstborn son. (Exodus 34:19-20) The eldest son in a family was under death. Yet God provided, no, God commanded the firstborn be redeemed. Every Israelite family knew the penalty of death. Every person in Israel knew God had provided a substitute. Instead of the person dying for his sin, a sacrifice died that his sin would be covered. Instead of the son dying a lamb died. The law did not only condemn the law provided for a substitute which would suffer death so another did not have to.

The law condemns all as guilty before God and sentences all to death. In Jesus, the penalty of the law has been met. Death has been suffered. Wrath has been appeased. Justice has been served. This is the importance of the first part of Galatians 2:20. “I am crucified with Christ”. If you are not crucified with Christ you are still under the penalty of the law. Jesus is our scapegoat, bearing on Himself our sin. Jesus is our atonement, paying the penalty of sin through His own death. Jesus is our redemption, dying in our place so we do not have to. Jesus is the perfect Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. He is the substitute for all who believe Him.

Those who receive Jesus through faith are recipients of Jesus’ death and no longer under the penalty of the law. The law demanded death as payment for sin. The law provided for a substitute to die in the place of the condemned. Jesus is that substitute and the law has no more that it can do to those who have received Him. All who are crucified with Christ are through the law dead to the law because the demands of the law have been met. The law now has no more claim on you.


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