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A Continual Memorial

September 26, 2016

cross-crucified-sillhouetteIn communion Christian’s commemorate the cross. The breaking of the bread and the pouring out of the cup are a vivid depiction of the suffering and death of Jesus.

His body was broken. He was beaten, scourged, scorned and pierced.

He blood was shed. Thorns were driven into His scalp. His beard was ripped out of his face. Nails were driven through His hands and feet. A spear was thrust into his heart

Jesus died. Communion is the continual reminder that Jesus paid the wages of sin for those who could not.

Jesus took on His shoulders the curse of the sin of men.

He was despised and rejected, though it was I who despised God and rejected Him. He knew sorrow and grief, though it was I who refused the Source of joy and peace. He was struck and beaten by God, though it was my back that deserved the stripes. He was chastised though it was my crimes that broke peace with God. He was oppressed and afflicted, though it was I who willfully pursued my own way. He was cut off from life though it was I who earned the punishment of death. He was made a sacrifice for sin, though it was my iniquity which brought down the wrath of God.

Those found guilty under the law are under the ban of death. The law holds all enslaved to death. The penalty of sin is inescapable. Jesus was born under the law and under the law He became the substitute. He was made a curse. In His death He was condemned, He was scorned, He was hung in shame and He was forsaken by the Father. What the law demanded Jesus paid. The ban of death fell on Jesus instead of you. By being made a curse Jesus buys men out from under the curse of the law. The death of Jesus satisfies Divine justice  and sets men free from death.

He took on Himself all the curse of sin though He was free from all sin. He who had no sin was made sin for us. He was perfectly innocent but treated as if He was guilty. Though the Son was in all ways perfect before the Father, Divine wrath was executed upon Him. Communion is a constant reminder of the dizzying truth that, “God Himself condescends to suffer in place of His enemies.” (Spurgeon)

Jesus is God the Son. He is the only spotless Lamb of God. The law never had reason to condemn Him. He who was not cursed was made a curse. He who had never disobeyed was made sin. He who was innocent was hung on a tree as if guilty and vile. This is what communion remembers. Communion remembers the flesh of your God that was broken for your crimes. Communion remembers the blood of your Lord that was spilled to cover your guilt.

In communion the Christian reminds himself and others that “He became sin for us who knew that sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.”


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