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True or False?

November 28, 2016

False teachers abound. Their numbers seem to be increasing every day. They infest the church, the internet, television, radio and show up on the door step peddling their perdition. Like cockroaches spilling out of the walls it seems they are taking over and spreading their filth across everything. What are we to do?

Most false teachers are careful enough to not come right out and admit to teaching a lie. Many seek to pass themselves off as genuine Christians. Some claim to have discovered truths lost since the days of the apostles. Like the Judaizers that afflicted the early church false today teachers are zealous, skillful, deceptive and persuasive. How is a Christian to identify false teachers?

Sincerity, devotion and passion are not proof a teacher is true or Godly. The false teachers of the first century were zealous in their proclamation of their message. The Judaizers traveled from city to city following in the wake of Paul and passionately proclaiming their lie. Zeal alone is not a good thing. One can be sincere and passionate about error. One can be well intentioned and good hearted yet still wrong. Evil is not made less evil by sincere, passionate promotion of the evil. Such zeal does not lead men to God’s blessing but leads them further into God’s condemnation.

The false teachers of the Apostle Paul’s day were seeking to shut the Galatians out of salvation so they would rely on the false teachers. A false teacher makes men reliant on himself. He claims to have truth that cannot be found apart from his help. He presents a gospel that requires the adherent to look always to him for further instruction. A false teacher elevates himself, hsi method, his best selling book, or his DVD series. A false teacher works to build a following that is dependent on him. False teachers do not point men to Jesus, they draw men to themselves.

False teachers elevate the hearer’s opinon about himself. They strive to make the person seem better in his own eyes. They appeal to the flesh by promising the person he can do something to have a part in his own salvation. False teachers appeal to the flesh because they themselves desire to be pleasing to men.

Instead of teaching that man is unable to save himself and that God has done everything necessary for salvation the false teachers teach men must do something to fully accomplish salvation. False teachers put some part of salvation in the hands of the person. Such falsehoods elevate man, dishonor God and deny His grace.

The faithful minister of the gospel does as John the Baptist. He points men to Jesus. The preacher of the gospel stands off to the side declaring, “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.”  The true servant of God preaches for the glory of God and the eternal benefit of mankind.


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