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Not A Valid Excuse

December 2, 2016

The Law  makes  no diminution of its claims because of fallen human nature! And what is more, when the Law comes with power to a man’s conscience, he does not, himself, dare to plead human nature—for of all pleas that is one of the most fallacious. A man will say, “Well, I know I drank to  intoxication, but  that is merely gratifying an instinct of human nature.” Now, just suppose that this  drunk, when he  gets sober, falls into the hands of a thief—will he not turn  the rogue over to  a policeman? But what if the defense is set up that it  was human nature that robbed him? See what he will say about it. Says he, “I will get human nature locked up for 12 months if I can.”  He does not recognize  soft speeches about human nature when anyone does wrong to  him—and he knows, in his own soul, that there is no valid defense in such a plea when he does wrong to God!  What  if  human  nature  is  bad?  That  only  proves that the man ought to be punished more! A man stands  before my Lord Mayor tomorrow morning. He is brought up for a thief, charged with having picked  somebody’s pocket. He says,  “My  Lord  Mayor, I ought to  be forgiven, for the fact is, it is my  nature  to  steal! I have stolen so long that whenever I see a pocket I feel a disposition, at once,  to put my hand into it—such is the infirmity of my nature.” What does the Lord Mayor say? He replies very gravely, “Why, I see that it is not merely in actions  that you are guilty, but your very nature is poisoned with dishonesty.  I shall give you a  double  punishment— your plea is not an excuse, but an  aggravation.”
– Charles Spurgeon


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