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Ask of Me

December 15, 2016

Prayer is God’s idea.

God created humanity in perfect fellowship with Himself. Man was created perfect and placed by God in a perfect garden. God blessed humanity, entrusted mankind with responsibilities and instructed man in obedience. The rest of the story is the infamous tragedy of the human race.

Man did not obey God’s one command. Through the manipulations of a Satanically controlled serpent Adam rebelled against the rule of his creator. Adam was not deceived by Satan. He was not enamored by the appeal of the apple or besotted by the promise of near Divine status. Adam’s motivation is unknown but his actions are well known. Adam ate of the forbidden fruit. Adam disobeyed his God.

The consequences were immediate. Adam and Eve recognized their nakedness and they were ashamed. Guilt poured over them. They stitched covering together out of fig leaves. When God came to the garden they hid from Him. They knew within themselves all was not right.

God knew man had broken His one commandment. God sought out sinning man. He walked through the garden in the cool of the day. God did not come down in wrath. He did not storm through the earth fuming out vengeance. God came in gentleness and compassion. His wrath was robed in mercy. God came to the garden seeking mankind to draw men to repentance and reconciliation.

God confronted man with his sin and meted out punishment. Yet God at that time did not pour out the full measure of justice. God would have been just and righteous to slay mankind on the spot and cast them both into hell. He did not do so. He laid on them punishment which would allow them to feel the weight of their crime but He did not crush them in despair. Even in the middle of handing down sentence God promised a Deliverer who would conquer sin. God saw their guilt and provided proper coverings for them. He came to them to initiate reconciliation and the means of pardon.

Man can now pray to the God of Heaven because God provided a way by which sinners can approach Him. Christians can pray because God sought man. Men can pray because God made prayer possible. Prayer is a priceless privilege inititiated, purchased, empowered, sustained and loved by God. Though full reconciliation, like full justice, has been delayed we can still commune with our Creator.

The story of sin’s origin contains a great warning. The least of sins is a big deal. Sin always hinders fellowship with God and can never be hid from God. When feeling the weight of shame the guilty one should not flee from the presence of God. The great folly of Adam and Eve after their sin was their attempt to hide. Their best course of action was the one which most terrified them. See how broken man is because of sin? That which is best seems most horrible to the sin befuddled mind. The remedy of guilt is never to flee from God. Flee to the feet of the loving Father and there plead for forgiveness. Make full confession of the fault. Trust your well being to the One who has reconciled you to Himself. Confess your sin to the Father for forgiveness.

God delights in relationship with mankind. He is ever ready to receive back those who will forsake their folly and ask pardon from Him. God’s wrath is still robed in mercy. He still stands at the door waiting for the prodigal to come home. He still delights in intimacy with His creation. Prayer is still God’s idea.

“Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.”
(Isaiah 45:11)


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