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December 29, 2016

ResolutionsIn the book “Frankenstein”,  Dr. Frankenstein seeks to use science to produce life.  He collects pieces from many different dead bodies, patches them together and then brings them to life.  Dr. Frankenstein’s intention was to create something marvelous and wonderful. What actually happened was the creation of a monster. 

No man can create physical life and no man can create spiritual life.Religions of self righteousness try to piece together dead works and dead people in the attempt to produce life that is wonderful. Using ritual, ceremony and tradition a spark of life is introduced, but without Christ to give real life, the result is a monstrosity.

In Colossians 2 Paul describes the beautiful work completed by Christ. In Christ the Christian is complete. The parts that were lacking are filled up, the pieces that were missing are replaced, the broken was repaired, the dead given life and now in Christ the believer is made complete.  Paul does not say through Christ the believer can be complete, or will be complete, or hopes to be complete.  He states the simple, present fact, that the Christian is complete in Christ.  Nothing else is needed. Christ is all.

Christ is enough. No amount of effort, resolution, resolve or discipline will add one iota to the believers salvation. No amount of self-help, pop psychology, support groups or personal faith will add the least bit to what Jesus has accomplished. This truth cannot be emphasized enough. The battle in Christianity today is one being fought in the realm of sufficiency. Christ is all the believer needs.  Those who are not convinced of this will be open to the legion of devilish doctrines possessing American religiousness. Truth will be found from Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, Rob Bell, the Huffington Post or Joel Osteen rather than from the Bible. In Christ, and only in Christ, is the believer complete.

Christ is in control.  As the many philosophies of men oppose and scorn the truths of God, Christ is still in control. As the plethora of experts declare their latest truth is truth beyond question, Jesus is still in control. No matter what degrees, awards, books or other plaudits they posses. No matter what credentials declare the expert to have power and authority in an area, all their power is still subject to the power of Christ. The vast influence such experts hold can be intimidating, but we must not forget that all men are under the authority of Christ.  One day even the most atheistic expert will bow down and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  You need nothing else but Christ, He is totally sufficient for all things at all times.

As you enter into a new year, resolve to be more obedient to the commands of God. Purpose to be more faithful in your walk with Him. Determine to know Him better and more fully. Commit to greater love for God and for others. Labor to do all God has commanded  you to do. Never imagine that any of your obedience adds anything to the work that Jesus has done. Never imagine that any of your obedience comes from your own personal store of goodness. You are complete in Him and all your obedience and piety is but an expression of the work He has done. Be resolved with rejoicing and confidence because your eternal standing with God has nothing to do with your ability to keep a resolution.


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