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Kill the Dead Man

January 23, 2017

We that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh. This is an event that has already occurred. The crucifixion of the flesh is a past event that continues to this day. The old man, the natural longings and desires of the sin nature, has been nailed to the cross.

Romans 6 says that the old man is crucified with Jesus. Just like the flesh of Jesus, the physical body, was put to death on that cross, so your flesh, your old nature, was put to death on Jesus’ cross. Because of that Romans 6 also says to count yourself as dead to sin and alive to God. Sin must not be allowed to control you but let God control you for righteousness. Romans 8 says those who are in Jesus have put to death the flesh because the death of Jesus on the cross delivers us from bondage to sin and death.

Colossians 3:5 commands the Christian to put to death your members that are on this earth. If the flesh is already crucified why do it have to put it to death again? Paul said in Galatians 5 that the flesh fights against the Spirit. There is a constant battle raging between the Holy Spirit and the old nature. How is this crucified flesh able to wage war in our souls? The old man seems to be a very lively corpse.

The tension that we feel between the fact the flesh is already crucified and the command to put to death the flesh is understood in the difference between position and experience.

The Christian’s position is certain. He is righteous in Christ. Yet the mature Christian doesn’t feel very righteous. The Christian is risen with Christ, but the daily routine doesn’t seem very heavenly. Likewise, the old man is dead, but we still feel the last dying kicks.

Have you ever butchered a chicken? Chickens are notorious for not realizing they are dead. They get up, flop around, run around, flap their wings and do everything they can in seeming effort to escape the death that has already fallen. The old man is a headless chicken flopping around in your soul. Christians still feel the raging of the flesh- the desires, the longings, the turmoil, the sin that is part of our fallen nature. Though we still feel the effect of our old nature, the flesh is dead in Christ.

The enemy has already been defeated. You are already righteous, you are already risen with Christ, you are already the child of God, you already have eternal life and you have already crucified the old nature. These realities are certain. They have been accomplished by Jesus. The unchangeable position of the Christian is the starting point for the Christian life.

Discouragement in daily living oftne comes because we focus the present experience. The present is more apparent to us than the heavenly. Viewing Christian growth from the perspective of the sins and failures you face will often result in frustration. Start with the certainty of who you are in Jesus. Start from that position of victory and then apply your position in Christ to your daily life.

You are fighting from victory, not for victory. The old man you are putting to death has already been crucified. You have nailed your old nature to Jesus’ cross. Do not live as if the old man is alive and well in your soul. He is defeated. Do not heed the dying squawks of that foul, decapitated fiend. Put the old man aside and live in the life that is already yours.


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