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February 20, 2017

“But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Galatians 6:14

The faithful preacher promotes Jesus. The godly minister builds a following for Jesus. He who lives to glorify God sets aside his own importance, his own comfort and his own fame for the exaltation of Jesus. The man of God is proud of one thing, the work Jesus has done. A godly preacher does not draw people to himself, he points people to Christ. He does not speak things calculated to appeal to the masses, he speaks things known to be pleasing to God.

These qualities characterize the genuine servant of God. The godly preacher, teacher and Christian boasts in Jesus. He lifts up Jesus as most important. He points others to Jesus. His life and ministry is all about the exaltation of Jesus. The faithful minister loves Jesus most. He speaks those things which lift up the glory of Jesus for all to see.

The Godly minister loves others. He proclaims the truth of the gospel. Jesus is the only means of salvation. The Christian who truly loves others desires for them to know that which is good for them. A false message of salvation may appeal to many people, may make people feel good, may comfort the pangs of conscience and soothe the sorrows of life. What good is that? What good is it to offer some one comfort for their journey to hell? What good is it to make more pleasant the road to eternal torment? Is not such kindness the vilest cruelty? Is that not the most malicious kind of misanthropic villainy? What cruel person loves himself so much he will do anything, even further the damnation of souls, for a brief fame?

Those who truly love others will proclaim the gospel. They will be like good doctors who recognize the best way to health often requires words and treatments that are unpleasant. Christians must be good soul-physicians who seek to lead the lost to the only cure for their the eternal ailment.

The only way for any man to have eternal life is through Jesus. Keeping the law will not save. Not keeping the law will not save. Being religious or “none”, showing devotion or indifference, doing good or evil, embracing one’s identity or denying self will not save. Nothing will save but Jesus. Only the gospel tells how the broken can be healed. The Christian who loves others will proclaim the truth of full salvation through faith in Jesus.

Only Jesus saves because only Jesus accomplishes an entire change in the person. The self-righteous man does not understand this. All false religions fail to recognize this. Most people do not want to hear this. The unpleasant truth that must be spoken is every person is guilty and cannot pardon himself. The forgivness of guilt is not earned by being a better you. The only solution to guilt is found in being made new. Only Jesus can make sinful man a new creature.

Only through Jesus can the heart that was full of sin be washed clean, set apart to God and made righteous before God. This is the message of salvation. This is what a loving Christian will communicate to the unsaved.



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