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Manistique Bible Church

February 23, 2017

I recently recommended that Manistique Bible Church resume the search for a new pastor. I began serving as an interim pastor in Manistique in 2012 knowing the process was going to take longer than usual. Over the last few years I led the church to rewrite the constitution, to reshape the church government and to recommit the membership of the church. The process took longer than anticipated and then I remained a little longer to help provide some stability after a long season of upheaval.

After all the changes I believe the church is spiritually healthy and ready for a pastor to shepherd them for the next couple decades. In March the church will be meeting to make an official decision regarding restarting the pastor search. Please be in prayer for the church throughout this time.

The final decisions on the entire process have not yet been made, but when the church decides to go ahead with the pastor search my time in Manistique will not be ended. I plan to remain at Manistique Bible Church until they find and install a new pastor. I have no timetable for this process, though a typical pastor search can last anywhere from six to eighteen months.

When the task in Manistique is completed I plan to assist other ministries in much the same fashion as I have done in the past. Though time here was longer than anticipated Body Builders Ministry continues to operate with the same purpose and goals that it had before. By God’s grace we will continue working alongside local churches to build the health and strength of the body of Christ. During the months ahead please pray for Manistique Bible Church and Body Builders Ministry.


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