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Healthy Leadership

March 20, 2017

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Good leadership is crucial to any successful endeavor. This is true of secular endeavors. This is especially true of the church. The importance of Godly, Biblical leadership for a healthy church cannot be stressed strongly enough. A church without the right kind of pastor will not be healthy.

An essential quality of a Godly pastor is his relationship to the Bible. The pastor must hold firmly to the Word. The pastor is not an innovator of new doctrines. He is communicator of old truths. The pastor must be committed to the truth of the Word. He must not be bound to a particular tradition nor should he be enamored by every theological fad. The pastor must be always wrestling with Scripture. He must examine every teaching in the light of the Bible. The pastor must examine everything he is taught and everything he teaches to ensure all is the teaching of the Word.

The pastor must preach the truths of the Word to combat false doctrine. The church does not need new doctrines. The unsaved do not need new doctrines. Through sound doctrine the pastor protects the church from false doctrine. The old doctrine that has stood firm throughout the centuries is the doctrine that is relevant to the needs of the church today.

Biblical doctrine is healthy doctrine. Biblical doctrine produces sound churches and strong Christians. By preaching sound doctrine the pastor who remains faithful to the Word calls believers to join him in embracing the Word. The pastor’s task is to remember the truth of the Word that he has been taught so he can call others to truth by the clear presentation of right teachings.

Doctrine is maligned by some, but doctrine is unavoidable. Every author, preacher and speaker holds to a body of doctrine. Not every preacher uses the language of seminary and systematic theology. Some preachers cry out against doctrine. But teaching against doctrine is itself a doctrine. Doctrine is nothing more than teaching. The Bible has a set of teachings. The teaching Christianity needs is the teaching of the Word.

The pastor’s ministry is not all a positive declaration of what is believed. Sometimes the pastor holds to the Word by rebuking those who oppose right doctrine. Careful pastoral teaching declares truth and rebukes error. In the current cultural climate the calling out of error is often greeted with outrage. Even churches that have sound doctrine are often reluctant to hear preaching against false doctrine. This simply must not be. The preaching of truth contains both positive and negative elements. The pastor who holds to the Word will preach both.

The church cannot be healthy without an unwavering commitment to Scripture. A pastor cannot lead a church into spiritual health if he does not hold fast to the Word. The pastor is entrusted with a grave responsibility. The ministry requires much care, diligence, prayer, study and wisdom. He must be a man of the Word.


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