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Gracious Living

May 8, 2017

America is divided by the clash between competing cultural and ethical ideals. The nation’s moral foundation has long been eroding. The last decade has shocked many with the suddenness of the moral collapse. Some feel a bit of relief that the events of the last six months have (maybe) slowed the descent of the plummeting morality. Christians are right to hold a deep concern for the moral direction of nation. Christians should do everything possible to see America turn to God and walk in righteousness.

The situation facing American Christianity s is not at all new. The challenges confronting believers are not even the worst ever faced by Christians. When the church began the sexual ethic accepted in the Roman Empire would embarrass or offend most Americans today. The religious ethic of the Roman Empire prized the acceptance of many different religions. Monotheism and religious exclusivism were viewed as anti-Roman bordering on seditious. Despite these obstacles God chose to send His Son into the Roman Empire. Jesus sent His disciples out into Roman Empire to preach the gospel. The results speak for themselves. Christianity infiltrated and reshaped the Roman Empire. Christianity still stands long after the Roman Empire crumbled. The New Testament reveals God’s strategy for confronting and changing corrupt cultures.

The letter to Titus was written to guide in the establishment of healthy churches in the middle of a diseased culture. The principles in Titus are those which will further the work of the gospel. Titus answer the question, How do Christians live in this world in a way that upholds and supports the gospel?

Godly character is essential to gospel expansion. Godly character is becoming to Scriptural truth. The life which confronts corrupt culture is one which is lived in a manner fitting to the profession of salvation. If the culture is going to be changed Christians must live lives full of grace and godliness.

Decorum is the carrying of oneself in a way that is appropriate to the setting or the person’s station in life. A man in tuxedo on his way to a black-tie dinner should not stop in the driveway to change the oil in his car. To do so would be unbecoming behavior. Entering the dinner with grace and thoughtfulness is appropriate for the man in that setting. Likewise some behavior is unbecoming to the gospel and some behavior is fitting to the gospel. The believer’s new life in Christ places demands and expectations on his daily life. The Christian is dressed in the righteousness of Christ. He must act in a way fitting to the glorious raiment that is given him. Titus 2:2-10 spells out the behavior proper to the high position of the child of God.

The Christian who lives according to gospel decorum will show the true greatness of the doctrines of the Bible. Sobriety and godliness will present the church of God as something different, something worthwhile, something with a powerful answer to the problems of this age. America and the church need Christians whose lives are becoming to the gospel.


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