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A Body Knit Together

June 5, 2017

God loves the church. God the Father eternally planned it. He sent His precious Son, His only Son, His only Son Jesus to die the horrible death of the cross to purchase the church. He gave His Son to be the head of the church. God loves the church because through the church Jesus is shown to be preeminent.

God the Son loves the church. He purchased it with His own blood, not the worthless things of silver and gold, but with His priceless blood. The church is made His body. God the Son so loves the church that He joins together with it in genuine union. Read the words of Acts 9 and you realize Jesus is so connected with His church that what happens to it happens to Him. He takes His church very personal! God the Son is glorified by the church and in turn God the Father is glorified. He sent His Holy Spirit to minister to the church, to gift the church and to strengthen the church.

God the Spirit loves the church. He gifts the church to do the work of the ministry. He gives leaders to the church. he gives servants to the church. He gives to the hcurch every single member and resource needed.

The Triune God loves the church. He put the church together, equipped the church and maintains the church. He gave His Word to teach the church. He gave His power to build and sustain the church. God loves His church because it is is His glorious bride being beautified and prepared for the coming wedding day. He loves the church. Do you?

Many church attenders do not love the church. They selfishly love what the church can do for them. Many people come to church expecting it to give them something, to do something for them. If they don’t get what they are looking for at one church, they go to another. Most of the church going population of America is made up of consumers. Like patrons in a restaurant church attenders pay their fee for services rendered but contribute nothing to the operation. That is fine for restaurants, it is terrible for churches.

The Christian who truly loves the church sets aside ease, comfort, schedule, plans and preferences for the good of others. Love the church so highly you will actively work for the good of the entire church.


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