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Truth Cosmetics

June 12, 2017

In Titus 2 Paul gives a series of significant instructions to the believers on Crete. These instructions are essential for the establishment of healthy churches. Every age group, every station of life and every class of person are to live Godly lives which “become sound doctrine” and “adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.”

Adorn translates the Greek word kosmeo which is the root of the English cosmetic. Nearly everyone in America has some notion of cosmetics and their purpose. The skillful application of make-up enhances and highlights the beauty of the person. Adorning describes the orderly arrangement of something which brings out its beauty.

Jewels are beautiful things. A well cut diamond or ruby are by themselves very impressive looking. Yet, the craft of a jeweler is a very difficult one. A craftsman making a jeweled necklace does not keep a bucket of jewels beside him from which he randomly selects whatever jewel comes to hand. He does not just string jewels together in whatever order is simplest. He carefully examines each and every jewel, determines which one will look best in what kind of setting and arranges the jewels in a way to bring out the great beauty of all the jewels. Jewelry is carefully crafted to adorn the beauty of the individual jewels.

The Christian life should be one that adorns the doctrines of God. God’s truths are remarkable, marvelous, wonderful, stunning and beautiful. The Christian’s life can bring out that great beauty or obscure it. The instructions of Titus 2 show what the adorning kind of life looks like. A Christian whose life shows the greatness of Scriptural doctrine does more than attend church on Sunday. His entire life is changed. His way of viewing the world is transformed. Everything about the person is affected by his desire to rightly show the brilliance of Biblical doctrine. Beautiful Christianity is a Christianity that changes the entire person in every season, every position and every stage of life.


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