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Grace Teaches

June 26, 2017

In 2005 the women’s lacrosse champions visited the White House and met President Bush. This is a perfectly ordinary and normal event that would have probably gone unnoticed. Someone noticed that the girls on the Lacrosse team were wearing flip-flops when they met the President.

This became a big deal for a little while. One fashion editor said, “This is just inappropriate They’re great for the beach. They’re great for hanging out with your friends. But they’re clearly unprofessional. And if you’re going to the White House cover up your toes.”

The professsion of Christianity requires certain behavior. The doctrines of God, the Word of God, the holiness of the Christians and the testimony of the Christian must be shown to be truly important. How the Christian lives matters.

“Adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things. For the grace of God that brings salvation hath appeared to all men.” God’s grace broke into our guilt to rescue men from condemnation. Those who have been redeemed live a certain way because they have received the grace of God. The Christian does not attempt to earn grace. Grace earned is not grace. The Christian is transformed by the grace he has received. His transformed life shows the beauty of Divine grace. The Christian is careful to not mar the beauty of grace through graceless or shameful living. By his life he shows that God’s grace excels all other things.

The grace of God teaches the child of God to live and think in certain ways. God’s grace teaches us to reject:

  • lives without worship
  • wrong love for the world

God’s grace teaches us to live:

  • lives full of proper worship
  • virtuous lives
  • self-controlled lives

This kind of life flows out of the grace of God. It is the right, natural and reasonable response to the grace of God. This kind of life rightly reflects the grace of God. The way the Christian lives shows others how much he values the grace of God. The believer’s life shows to others how important God’s grace is to him. If a Christian treats God’s grace as if it is worth little, then others will not think it is worth much. If the Christian lives like God’s grace has made no difference in his life, then others are going to think God’s grace does not make much difference. The Christian lives this kind of life because the grace of God has transformed him. He is responding to the grace of God. The Christian lives this kind of life because he wants to show the magnificence of God’s grace. He wants others to respond to the grace of God.

The truths of the gospel are not welcomed by the unsaved world. The grace of God that has appeared to all men is generally despised and rejected. Christians must live in a way that points out the true worth of God’s grace. Live in accord with the precious gift of Jesus that has been given to you.


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