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Seven Ways to Change the World

July 24, 2017

Paul wrote the letter to Titus to guide him in the establishment of healthy churches on an island that was infamous for its corruption. Titus was to lead the believers into behavior that was appropriate to the glory of the gospel. The challenge facing Cretian Christians was how to live Godly lives in the middle of a culture that was notorious for its wickedness. This problem was faced by nearly every church in the New Testament era.

How to live Godly lives in a wicked culture is a problem that churches throughout history have had to face. It is a problem that churches throughout the world still face today. The church in America today is struggling with how to respond to a culture racing to dive deeper into the sewer of sin.

How does the Christian live in this day? What should he do in a time when the nation has rejected all semblance of godliness? What is the best way to live for Christ and promote the kingdom of God in America today? Various answers have been given, but few seem to give serious consideration to the Biblical instructions. Titus 3 gives seven commands to the Christian that are specifically designed to teach Christians how to live for God in a godless culture. The seven commands are:

  • Voluntarily comply to the government
  • Obey all authorities
  • Have a readiness to do good works
  • Do not slander others
  • Do not be argumentative
  • Have a gentle disposition
  • Have a gentle humility

These seven things set the Christian apart from the world. These are some of the things that the Roman history recorded as remarkable about the early Christians. Though these things do not seem all the remarkable, yet they are unique in the world. These things don’t seem all that powerful or compelling, yet the Bible and history shows the impact of “quiet and peacable life”. Christians who live out these Biblical principles will have a far more powerful and permanent impact on a pagan world than a conservative controlled congress and a traditionalist led Supreme Court.

Banning abortion, defining marriage Biblically, pushing homosexuality back into the closet and cracking down on drug use will not save a single soul. These are good things, but the Christian realizes the deeper need of the addict, the pervert and the murderer is the gospel. This is what the epistle to Titus taught the Cretians and what it teaches Christian’s today. The need of this day is for Christian’s who proclaim the gospel with their lips and who uphold the gospel with their life. The need of the godless culture is to see Christians who possess godly character that shows off the beauty of the gospel.


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