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No Other Book

September 25, 2017

The Psalms have been called the hymn book of the church and the prayer book of the church. The books of Psalms gives words of comfort to the sorrowing heart, words of praise to the fill the mouth of the worshiper and words of confession for the repentant sinner. The Psalms are a balm of healing for the wounded in Spirit, a rest for the weary in heart, a guide for the correction of the sinner, strength for those struggling in life, encouragement for the discouraged believer, confidence for spiritual warfare, and hope for the fulfillment of God’s promises.

The Psalms give voice to the fulness of joy. The Psalms probe the depths of the heart of man and peer into the heights of the glory of God. They show us the sinfulness, frailty, brevity and hope of man. The Psalms make personal the faithfulness of God, the work of God, the character of God, the glory of God, the grace of God and the compassion of God. The Psalms declare the Savior who was coming to suffer for His people. The Psalms reveal the King who is coming to deliver His children. The Psalms are a vibrant illustrated of how truth is lived, sung and prayed in the ordinary Christian’s life.

The Psalms are the textbook for the Christian experience. Martin Luther said of the Psalms, “The book of Psalms is, in my opinion, of a different nature from all the other books. For in the other books we are taught what we ought to do, both by precept and example. But this book not only teaches us, but shows us in what way and manner we do the Word, and imitate the examples it contains.”

The Psalms are a vivid portrayal of the experience of the child of God in sorrow and joy, praise and petition, intercession and imprecation, faith and frustration, blessing and suffering and worship and despair. Psalms shows the Christian how to live the Christian life. The New Testament quotes the Psalms more than any other Old Testament book. John Calvin said of the Psalms, “There is no other book in which we are more perfectly taught the right manner of praising God, or in which we are more powerfully stirred up to the performance of this religious exercise.” The book of Psalms models the life of the chld of God like no other book of the Bible.


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