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Politics Today and Tomorrow

October 2, 2017

Why do the heathen rage? This question is 3,500 years old but is it not still pertinent today? The Christian observing the state of America is shocked at the intensity, the outrage, the name calling, the violence and the destructiveness of the wicked. Political observers have long noted that we have lost the art of civil discourse.

Why do the wicked plot further wickedness and then demand that all support their depravity? In a few brief decades America moved through the sexual revolution to the homosexual revolution. Today marriage means little, sex is just the expression of undeniable biological impulses, identity is morality, restraint is cruel and opposition is oppression.

The events of today are not at all unique in history. The problems of America are as ancient as Adam and Eve and a fateful conversation with a snake. The ungodly have always raged. The wicked rage because they hate God. No one is an impartial observer. None can impartially consider the claims of Jesus or the commands of God’s Word. Men either worship God and obey His command, or they reject Him and rebel against His Word.

The wicked rage because they hate God. They hate Jesus. The wicked are bent on active opposition to Him and all that He is for. This was true in Jesus’ day. King Herod sought the destruction of Jesus while He was just a toddler. When Jesus began to teach and preach the Jews hated Him. They repeatedly plotted ways to kill Him. Finally the conspired together with a traitorous disciple and the Roman governor to execute Jesus. This will be true again when Jesus returns. The nations of the world will see Jesus coming down from heaven in glory, with a mighty army of saints and angels and then they are going to do the stupidest thing imaginable. They are going to line up their tanks and missiles and infantry and whatever other arms are available to them to assault God the Son who just rode through the sky on a great white horse. They hate with an unreasonable, unimaginable hatred. The wicked will still hate Him at the end of Jesus’ millennial reign. After 1,000 years of the most blissful, beautiful, peaceful rule the world has ever know, Satan will gather together a large army of rebels and discontents to attack the city of Jerusalem. Satan’s army will surround the city where God the Son resides and rules. In the shortest battle known to man, God will destroy them all with a command.

The mighty of the world plot against God. They conspire together against God. They go to great lengths and it is all futile. Their plans are vain. They have no chance of success. God is not threatened by wicked men. He is not afraid of their ragings. His plans are not hindered by the plots of men or devils. They threaten Him, and He scorns their puny threats.

Prayer is banished from the schools? His plans are not altered in the least. The ten commandments are taken out of public buildings? God’s Word is no less true. Prayer in Jesus name is forbidden in public meetings? Jesus is still God, is still establishing His church, is still saving souls and is still returning to establish His kingdom. God is still working all things out according to the counsel of His own will.

As Hurricane Irma approached the Florida coast a fruit fly determined to save the state from the onslaught. He gathered together a huge army of flies who lined up in front of the hurricane and flapped their wings furiously to turn the storm back into the Atlantic. Such folly would be blown away in an instant, but a plague of flies has more power against a hurricane than a world of wicked men does against the will of God. He has set His Son on the throne. His reign is unstoppable.


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