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The Practical Atheist

December 4, 2017

Atheists come in several varieties. The average Joe atheist does not believe in God, but is a nice guy and is not on a rampage against the god he does not believe. The scholarly atheist is too educated to believe God is real. He may scoff at the idea of God if it comes up, but he generally considers it beneath him to think about deity. The class of atheist that gets the most press is the angry atheist. He knows God does not exists and is on a crusade to strike down any serious discussion of God. In the opinion of the angry atheist religious people are ignorant dupes or greedy charlatans who should be stopped. The most common form of atheist is the practical atheist. He does not deny the existence of God. He may even be a religious person who attends church on a regular basis. Yet, in his daily life he lives as if God does not exist. Though his mouth may confess the existence of God his life denies it. This the most common form of atheist.

The practical atheist is filled with pride which refuses to seek after God. Romans 3:11 says, “There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.” The pride of the unsaved will not allow him to seek after God. But what about all the religious people in the world? Aren’t they seeking after God? They are seeking after a god of their own devising, not the God of the Bible. When the religious man learns of the God of the Bible his arrogance rejects God. How many millions of people give millions of dollars to churches to buy their salvation? How many millions of people deny themselves, fast, pray multiple times a day and attend a church or temple multiple times a week in an attempt to earn salvation? Yet how many of these same millions reject the promise of a salvation that is freely given to those who will receive it by faith? Can those who reject the salvation of God truly be called seekers after God? The pride filled heart of man refuses to seek after God.

The practical atheist does not see the work of God. The judgment of God is far above out of his sight. He will not see God’s hand. He does not consider it. Job 35 speaks of the oppression of the wicked that makes the multitudes cry out in sorrow. Wicked men wreak great havoc on people and nations. Billions in this world suffer because of the malice of evildoers. Millions of people suffer every year as a result of horrible natural disasters. Earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, droughts and floods decimate populations. The population of the world groans in sorrow! Yet, as Job 35:10 says, “None saith, where is God my maker.” In all the tragedies of the world, few look to God. The practical atheist looks at the world around and refuses to see God’s mighty hand at work.


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