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Singing Praise in Severe Pain

January 8, 2018

“But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation.I will sing unto the LORD, because he hath dealt bountifully with me.”
– Psalm 13:5-6

Paul and Silas were imprisoned in Philippi for healing a demon possessed girl. The Philippian jail was nothing like modern jails. It was more dungeon than jail. Their stone-walled cell was dark and damp. They were locked in the most secure, and most foul, cell, farthest from light and fresh air. Their feet were placed in stocks to secure them from escape. They had no mobility and little ability even to shift their position and ease their discomfort.

Before being thrown in jail Paul and Silas had been beaten with thin rods. They were aching from many lashes and in need of medical attention. They had every right to be miserable. Yet, in the middle of the night Paul and Silas decided to have a worship service. They prayed together and then began to sing praises to God. Why would they do that? The reason for their praise is found, in part, in the Psalms of lament and praise. In times of deep sorrow David sang praises unto the Lord. He could rejoice in times of trouble because David knew the blessings of God and the character of God.

In times of sorrow remember what God has already done. His greatest work for you was done in redemption. The Christian can go to God in prayer because he is the child of God. The great work that opened the door of prayer gives great rejoicing in heart broken prayers. God has given His Holy Spirit who resides within every believer. This same Spirit intercedes for us with great concern and sympathy. When we pray the Spirit of God prays with us. God has promised all things, even terminal illness and sudden tragedy, will work for the good of them that love Him. God is actively at work during the darkest times of life. God has promised sufficient strength and grace to enable the believer to endure the trial for His glory. God has promised the worst trials are working a greater, eternal work in the child of God. Sorrow gives way to rejoicing because God has worked and God is still working.

Many Psalms of David move from lament to priase, from sorrow to rejoicing. David could rejoice in God despite intense pain because he knew God. David trusted the mercy of God. He knew the faithfulness of God. David knew the compassion of God to deliver His people. David was confident God would deliver because he knew how God had delivered. The history of Israel shows the deliverance of God. David’s own history shows the deliverance of God.

The Christian today has even more evidence of the deliverance of God. The long Biblical history shows God’s repeated compassion upon His children. Church history tells of God’s unfailing kindness to His people. The knowledge of God’s past working gives confidence in present troubles because it looks with great joy to future deliverance.


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