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Fumbling after Glory

January 29, 2018

“In thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”
Psalm 16:11

Right now the Christian’s joy is mingled with sorrow. In heaven the Christian’s joy will be full, undiluted, concentrated joy in its purest form. The joys of heaven cannot be fully described nor comprehended. Heaven is unending joy in the presence of God.

The joy of heaven is joy beyond description. The good things enjoyed in this life, if they are in heaven, will be infinitely greater, infinitely better, than anything experienced today. The delights of this earth are but dry shadows of the sweet pleasures to come. The joys of heaven are so much beyond our fallen desires and feeble understanding that they do not even sound like pleasures. In heaven we will serve God perfectly, without fear, without failure, without sin, without sorrow, without suffering and without shame. The redeemed will bring the fruits of their labor to the throne of God and worship Him in His very presence. I have a longing in my heart that tells me this is a wonder beyond anything I can imagine. Wwhenever I try to explain it all words seem like empty shells devoid of the necessary force to impress the magnitude of the marvelous weight of glory which is awaiting the child of God. The living are all handicapped in the attempt to understand heaven’s joy. We are like blind men trying to discern the beauty of a rainbow.

Though we cannot yet comprehend the joy that is coming, we know the promises of God are certain. We know God has promised something greater than this life and we long to reach it. God’s blessings in this life are a foretaste of the unimaginable blessings to come. Though God gives rich blessings in this life, His blesssings do not eliminate the sorrows of this life. Many of the great Psalms of praise were written during times of deep distress. God’s blessings do not yet remove the Christian from all pain and suffering. But one day they will! One day the child of God will have rejoicing without sorrow.

In God is eternal rest, peace and joy. In Him is complete fulfillment and satisfaction. These blessings are the Christian’s now and will be the Christian’s forever. The challenge is to see the blessings of God during times of tribulation. The Christian’s confidence in God will be strengthened as he notices the work of God in his daily life. Have you seen His work in your life? God has been at work. He gives rich blessings to men every day. The sun shines and the rain falls because of the unfailing goodness of God. Have you noticed it? Have you noticed His provision, His blessing, His goodness, His care, His power, His promises? Do you know His Word? Do you know His character? Do you know your God and delight in Him? See God’s work and God’s glory so you will never forget that from Him comes all joy, all gladness, all hope, all rejoicing. See God’s physical blessings now so you will never forget that in Him are all eternal pleasures.


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