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All Creation Praises

March 12, 2018

The great Roman orator, Cicero said, “When we behold the heavens, when we contemplate the celestial bodies, can we fail of conviction? Must we not acknowledge there is a Divinity, a perfect Being, a ruling intelligence, which governs; a god who is everywhere and directs all by his power? Anybody who doubts this may as well deny there is a sun that lights us.” The great philosopher Aristotle considered the universe and determined that there must have been a great cause that set everything into motion. Aristotle concluded this “unmoved mover” must have been God. He did not believe in the god of the Bible, but Aristotle, like Cicero and many others looked at creation and recognized that the universe must have a creator. This is the testimony of the heavens, a testimony daily proclaimed to the entire world.

The more man learns about nature the more evident it becomes that there must be a Creator. The inner workings of a cell are precise and methodical factory that moves materials and information from one place to another. The Bombadier Beetle has in its abdomen two chemicals that when mixed create a violent explosion steam. How did these chemicals form in separate compartments of the beetle without blowing up the unfortunate insect? How did the beetle develop the apparatus necessary to shoot and mix these chemical outside its body? Bees talk to one another through dance They tell other workers where to find good flowers, what direction to fly, how far away the flowers are and even the quality of pollen in the flowers. What about woodpeckers? Why are not they always concussed? A 300 pound linebacker is always in danger of suffering a concussion from hitting a puny quarterback, but a tiny bird jackhammers its face against a tree all day and is perfectly fine. How does it do that? The woodpecker’s tongue is designed to cushion its brain to keep it from banging into its skull. The tongue wraps all the way around the inside of its skull acting like a soft helmet inside its own head. What about the location of the earth at just the right distance from the sun to keep it the right temperature for life? The list could go on and on and on. Creation is astounding! The God of Creation is glorious. Every marvel of nature points its finger to heaven and says, “Look at your God.”

Take note of God’s handiwork. See His glory in all of creation. See His glory in the stars, in wildlife. See His glory in the flowers. See His glory in the way music works, how the proper sounds hang together and stir the person. See His glory in the rules of math, in the consistency of the laws of physics, in the inner working of a cell, in the healing of the human body, in the growing of a seed to a tomato, in the rolling of the waves on the shore, or the quietly falling snow. Pay attention to the thousands of reminders of God’s glory that point every day to the praise of God.


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