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MBC Update

March 19, 2018

As of yesterday I am no longer the interim pastor of Manistique Bible Church. The church voted to call me to be their Pastor, effective immediately. Oddly enough, I never intended to become a pastor. Since high school I have leaned towards to itinerant ministry. However, the Lord has a way marvelous way of directing our steps. He has made it clear that now is the time to plant myself in one spot and put down some roots in the frozen soil of the Upper Peninsula.

Body Builders Ministry will begin the process of dissolution so that I can focus my attention on the ministry of this church. My burden for the health and strength of God’s church has not lessened, but instead of working with multiple churches I will be caring for one. Please pray for me and Manistique Bible Church in the days ahead.

The Body Builders Website will remain online, but this will be my last post. If you want to continue to listen to my Sunday morning sermons you can find them here.


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