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Core Principles

First and foremost Body Builders Ministry exists to glorify God. This is not the trite front end statement on which I can tack the things I really want to accomplish. This is my sole desire. All other principles and functions of this ministry are subordinate to and function as the means of bringing God glory. It is my intention to make God’s glory the explicit aim of every part of this ministry and in every task I perform.

The glory of God is also the goal which I seek to aid a church in accomplishing. While God has given the local church many different functions, His church must have as its single and supreme goal the glory of God. Edification, evangelization, fellowship, instruction, discipline and all other features of the church ministry must be clearly subordinate to the glory of God. My ministry seeks to help churches recognize and function with that single vision.

I consider several things as key means to the end of glorifying God in this ministry. The first is a commitment to the Word of God as the full resource we need for life and ministry. The Bible is absolutely sufficient for every need that may arise in any life, ministry or church.  As a result of this conviction of the sufficiency of the Bible, my ministry is committed to the careful explanation and application of the Bible in public and private ministry. That means my preaching is primarily exegetical in nature, seeking to unfold piece by piece the Authorial intent of each book of the Bible. That means my counseling and discipleship is nouthetic, resting in the Word as completely able to answer every problem and question in life. In short, my philosophy of ministry can be summed up as committed to the conviction that God’s Word is fully sufficient for every need.

God designed the church to be a fellowship of likeminded individuals cooperating together to build one another up into greater imitation of Christ. This edifying fellowship is necessary for believers and churches to be spiritually healthy. Companionship, exhortation, accountability and confrontation are crucial aspects of this relationship.  My ministry endeavors to practice and encourage relationships within churches that are actively applying the one anothers of the New Testament.

God glorifying ministry is accomplished under the direction of Biblical leadership. This leadership is not of power and lordship, but of service and sacrifice. Christ gave the foundational  model of ministry to His disciples when He washed their feet telling them, “If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet.” I desire to lead by serving the church’s best interests for the glory of God and the edification of believers.

These three principles, the sufficiency of the Word, edifying fellowship and servant leadership, are the major means by which I strive to accomplish the goal of glorifying God through Body Builders Ministry.