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Ministry Support

Periodically curious people wonder, “How is this ministry supported?”  For those with that same concern, here’s the full answer.  God- He takes abundant care of us.  The means God uses to provide that care are varied and frequently surprising.  That’s the truthful answer, but I realize people also like to know the more tangible means of support through which God most frequently works.  Currently there are three primary means God uses to care for the needs of this ministry and our family.

  • We receive regular monthly mission support from churches and individuals.  Body Builders Ministry is a non profit organization, and as such gifts given by individuals are tax deductible.  As a non profit organization, Body Builders has a board of directors who help provide accountability to the ministry.
  • Another avenue of support are the local churches in which we are ministering.  Many of them are small, struggling works, but they are often able to pay a nominal salary.
  • As a third means, I take whatever time available to capture and sell inspirational photographs in an effort to produce additional personal income.

When it is all said and done, God is the sole means of our support.  While at times His provision is not what we envision, it is always sufficient for our needs.

What are the needs of this ministry?  As our ministry has been refined and shaped over the last few years, we have seen the need to be able to bring with us materials suitable for outreach, childrens ministry and creating informational product about local ministries.  Many of these items are consumables or left behind for the continued use of a ministry.  That results in a constant need for materials to use in the churches we are serving.  Additionally, we believe we can be better situated to assist more ministries if we have our own traveling dwelling place.  As a result, we are actively praying for God to provide an RV or Fifth Wheel trailer to replace our current vehicle and in which we can live and minister.  These are the major areas of need that do not cover the normal expenses of caring for the daily needs of a family.

Thanks for you thoughts and prayers.  If you are interested in financially supporting this ministry, you can give via Paypal

or send any gifts to Body Builders Ministry 1080N McKilligan Sub. Manistique, MI 49854.