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Papua New Guinea Trip

***UPDATE*** September 26, 2017
Ruth and Grace are in Tirokave, Papua New Guinea. For the next ten days they will be in country working alongside the Childs. Please keep them in prayer as they minister alongside the Childs.

***UPDATE*** August 25, 2017
As of today, we have all of our plane tickets to get us from Michigan to Papua New Guinea! Please keep us in prayer as we finalize visas, get required insurance in place, book hotel rooms and get the multitude of other details ready for the trip. Thank you again for those who have generously supported us so far.

This summer Ruth and Grace have the incredible opportunity to take a missions trip to Papua New Guinea. For the first two weeks of September, they will be visiting the Childs in the village of Tirokave.

Grace is 17 years old and is going to be a senior this coming school year. In looking ahead at where the Lord would take her, she is considering both nursing and missions. These two things are not mutually exclusive though. We see this in a way with the Childs’ ministry. Ben and Lauren are actively working in a Gospel centered ministry, planting a church, giving the Gospel and discipling believers to live Biblically. Lauren also has the opportunity to serve the community helping with minor medical needs. Most of the care needed is simply cleaning a wound and giving medicine or possibly a couple of stitches. She also has had the opportunity to deliver some babies and on rarer occasions she has been able to provide life giving CPR while they rush an individual with serious medical need to the closest hospital.

Their ministry is not a glamorous ministry filled with exciting days, but rather a ministry filled with daily faithfulness. This is the ministry Grace and Ruth have the opportunity to see and participate with. We are praying that God uses this trip to refine Grace’s perspective on missions and to direct in making plans for the future.

This trip is not inexpensive. The plane tickets alone to get Ruth and Grace to Papua New Guinea will be around $7,000. Then there are visas, insurance, hotels and many other costs associated with this trip. We are working hard to earn money and save it, but we are also asking if you would partner with us as well. Will you help us raise $5,000 toward this trip? This will help us to get Ruth and Grace to PNG, allow Grace to see and participate in the ministry there, and by God’s grace be a help and encouragement to the Childs. Any gifts made towards this trip can be made to Body Builders Ministry and will be tax deductible.

Whether you are able to help financially or not, we would certainly appreciate your prayers. This trip will provide Grace with the opportunity to make some decisions that will directly affect her future. We would appreciate your prayers for God’s direction through this trip. We would also appreciate your prayers for all of the finances to be in place for the trip as well as for safety as we take this trip.

Your continued support in prayer and finaces means so much to us. Thank you.