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R & R

Congratulations, you have found my R&R page! R&R could just mean ranting and raving, or it could mean reading and relaxing, or it could even mean religion and responses. Whatever you think fits, is fine with me. Here’ the point though, every good blogger has to have some avenue to spout out his own personal opinions about politics, culture, religion, games and whatever else he thinks he knows something about (or at least thinks he has something to say about it). This section is my own little addition to the blogosphere’s high standards of excellence while communicating personal opinions. This page will deal primarily with the practical application of Scriptures in the difficult events of our lives. I have little desire to go off into the myriad of other topics out there, unless they happen to have some direct bearing on the Christian’s walk toward Christlikeness. In these pages you will find articles about church relationships, standards, problems with leadership and other such sticky issues. I trust you will find these pages helpful and provoking.

A Gospel Refresher

Bible, Tradition and Cliches

Grieving the Loss of a Dream

The Pablum of Popular Christianity

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Problem with Church Problems

The Supremacy of Christ to Christmas

This is not Christian!

Tripe, Trash and Terrible Theology

What do we do now?