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Sermon Manuscripts

Below are sermon manuscripts for you to read.  To give you fair warning and full disclosure, each page will contain a full sermon, so you may be staring at the screen for a long time if you intend to read the whole thing. I pray the Lord will use some of these to challenge your growth in Christlikeness and daily walk with Him.

The Meat Matter (And Other Questionable Things)

Add to your Faith- Part 1

Add to your Faith- Part 2


What’s Really at Stake in Creation

The links below lead to sermons from preachers of previous eras that I have found to be very profitable and challenging.

John Wesley: The Use of Money

C.H. Spurgeon: God’s Long Suffering- An Appeal to the Conscience

C.H. Spurgeon: Repentance unto Life

Cotton Mather: What Must I do to be Saved?